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St. Mary's Primary School, Stewartstown, Co Tyrone

Induction P1 Parents and Children


EA Literacy service

Useful Website inks



We recommend that parents should access and use….


Other useful sites if you need anything more or something different


BBC Bitesize – new TV channel, podcasts, videos and lessons each day online. Starting from Monday 20th April at 9.00am. We highly recommend that everyone use BBC Bitesize.

Twinkl – Free worksheets, lessons and booklets. One month FREE trial

(updates and notifications also available via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

(updates and notifications also available via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) online hub with video lessons and resources to use.


Oxford Owl for home-

Free e-book library for children aged 3-11 and parents’ section packed with expert advice, tips and activities to help parents support their child's education. Help your child with reading, phonics and maths.

Reading Eggs – FREE worksheets and booklets available to download and print for phonics, letter formation and words.

Ask your teacher for your class log in details.

For example,

Username: p1oakgrove

Password: lovetoread

Go to My class login, not Log in. Do not use any capitals. Two sections should come up. Green for the e-book library and purple for parents.

(use this site for the free resources available. There is a payable membership option but you do not have to register or subscribe)


Topmarks -Storytime with David Walliams - Oliver Jeffers Stay at Home Storytime. – become a virtual library member with instant access to eBooks, audiobooks and eMagazines.



Gareth Metcalf Maths – live videos and lessons, worksheets, activities for pupils. (use this site for the free resources available)

Daily lessons for Foundation Stage Key Stage 1 and 2

(Lots of amazing maths games from N to P7) – free maths lessons for children age 4-12yrs. Free exciting lessons to download or watch.  Fun games to improve your maths skills  maths games to play and learn. Key Stage 1 amd Kay Stage 2 maths games

Fun Maths games and activities age 3-11 online maths quizzes age 5 – 11   Free tablet and desktop friendly maths games for children age 3- 8years  Fun interactive maths games Solve Shoot Score played through football –go through levels to improve skills as a maths superstar. Shoot, ore - 2D/3D shape work for Foundation and KS1

Health and Wellbeing

Ready For Anything –weekly resilience and growth mindset resources for different age groups

This is mainly a Facebook page with resources and workbooks shared weekly via Twitter to download and print out for children to focus on resilience.

3 mindful activities to try at home with kids, to keep them occupied and calm during the coronavirus outbreak

Meditation and mindfulness strategies, videos and links to suitable apps for kids emotional health and wellbeing stories, activities and resources for 8-11yr olds

World Around Us (inc STEM)

Maddie Moate–live videos, family friendly ‘Edu-tuber’ for online educational science and technology content.

BBC Bitesize – Daily lessons for Geography, History & Science (KS1) and World Around Us (KS2)

(Click Northern Ireland – KS1 for individual Geography, History and Science lessons;

Click Northern Ireland – KS2 for World Around Us Resources – some of these topics may be useful for KS1 pupils’ themes also)

Minibeasts with Jess – videos exploring different minibeasts and their habitats.

Science Sparks - Fun Science experiments for kids


Joe Wicks – Live youtube fitness lessons for children (and parents)

Virtual PE resources, Lots of links for Dance, yoga, soccer drills, HIIT training for kids

HealthyKids Global challenge is already on website, shared on social media and via the app

MAXX Life gym, Armagh. FREE “4 week lockdown challenge” for the whole family. Parents and children of all ages and ability level.

NHS – Fitness studio


Chef Theo Michael hosts cook-a-longs for children 3 times a week,


Arts & Crafts

Red Ted Art – easy art and crafts for children

Tate Kids –create exciting pieces of art, learn about famous artists as well as quizzes, games & videos - 40 fabulous art activities for kids


Bring the noise music activities for all age groups

Out of the Ark at home songs and fun activities to develop your child’s skills and understanding of the elements of music

Foundation, KS1 & KS2 music lessons  - Just click on the area you want and then click Music.

Please note the English school system is slightly different to N. Ireland. When accessing resources please remember that Year 1 = Primary 2, Year 2 = Primary 3, Year 3 = Primary 4, Year 4 = Primary 5, Year 5 = Primary 6 and Year 6 = Primary 7.

Get Involved Because Education Works

Click on the image to be directed to the site
Click on the image to be directed to the site

Supporting your child at school

 Helping Your Child at Home

There are lots of things you can do to help your child with their learning. One of the most important things is to encourage your child to TALK ! Children who are able to discuss and ask questions about everyday experiences, their learning and developing interests or hobbies are the ones who start to make sense of the world and obtain the habit of life long learning.
The school day is only part of a child’s learning experience – in order to consolidate their learning children need to practise skills at home.

Homework at St Mary's is based on class activities and children should be able to complete this independently. Obviously they will need encouragement and a quiet place to think and complete their activities.

If there are particular items you would like more information on then please let us know.
Working together in partnership can only benefit your child.

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