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St. Mary's Primary School, Stewartstown, Co Tyrone

School Routine: COVID

School Routine COVID Sept 2020

Morning Routine  

The school is open to receive children from 8:55am. Mrs M Hamill will supervise children entering school grounds at this time, ensuring they are accessing the correct door and gate.  

Lessons begin at 9.15 a.m. 

Morning registration closes at 9.30 a.m.

Morning breaks
Break 1 P2/3 10:15am- 10:30am

Break 2 P4/5 10:35am- 10:50am

Break 3 P6/7 10:55- 11:10am

As part of our Healthy eating policy, children are encouraged to develop ‘healthy habits ‘ from an early age and so we only permit Healthy snacks at break time. This will not only encourage our pupils to eat healthily but also develop long term habits for life long healthy life style. Some examples of super snacks include:

Fruit: apple, orange, banana;
Yogurt drinks;
Cheese and crackers;
Vegetables: Carrot sticks, cucumber strips, or bread based products with no jam.

Lunch break  

P1,2 & 3 : 12.00pm – 12:45pm

P4 & 5      12:30- 1:15pm

P6 & 7       1:00 - 1.45pm

Healthy, tasty hot dinners are served daily in the dining hall. Parents receive a monthly copy of the menu served in the School Newsletter. School dinners cost £2.60 per day. Children availing of dinner must pay in advance preferably at the beginning of the week. All children are asked to bring their money in a clearly marked envelope. 
Children may also take a packed lunch. 

School Day ends
1:30pm  For Year 1-2

1:45pm Year 3 

2:45pm Year 4  

3.00 pm For Year 5-7

Visitors to school 

All non essential visitors will not be able to access the school - including parents. The secretary will pass on any messages or items as necessary if they are left in the school porch. If you require your child to leave school early or if they have taken ill at school you will be requested to complete the 'Signing out Register' in the school porch before leaving the school premises. Your co-operation with this important matter is much appreciated by all staff.

Absences from school

If your child is absent from school due to an illness you will be requested to complete a pink absence note upon their return to school. School attendance is monitored regularly and Parents may be requested to provide medical evidence if their child is absent for a prolonged period or is absent from school for one or two days on a regular basis. It is always in the schools best interest to work with Parents to ensure that children maximise their potential by having a good school attendance record. 

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