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St. Mary's Primary School, Stewartstown, Co Tyrone

Welcome to Mrs Hamill's Class

Learning in Term 1


Stories with familiar setting- Poems based on observation and the senses, instructions, plays, information texts. Writing genres- Recount/instructional. Writing in complete sentences, nouns/collective nouns/pronouns, a/an, alphabetical order, verbs, past/present tense, adjectives, conjunctions, opposites, plurals, compound words, shared/ guided/ independent reading/writing, creative writing, Linguistic phonics.


Numbers and number system, place value and understanding addition, ordering, estimating, rounding, understanding subtraction, money, measures-length and shape (properties of 2D/3D shapes) and space. Times Tables, understanding multiplication, fractions, time, handling data.

World Around Us

Home Sweet Home-Types of homes, building materials, plans, homes in our locality/around the World, homes in the past, dream homes OR Impact-Rainforests, Deserts, Polar regions, Climate change.

Halloween.Christmas around the world. 

Creative and Expressive/Arts

Use of space, methods/ speed of travel, sequence movements, awareness of movement variation, dance, demonstrating/ performing, co-operation, response to stimuli(music), improvisation, rope jumping/landing/swinging/handling/ hitting/ kicking skills using a variety of equipment. Swimming. Ball skills. Ourselves- self portraits, painting, printing, working with textiles, making 3D structures, using oil pastels, pencils, examining the work of artists, appreciating each other's work. Identifying sounds and describing them. Playing recorder/tin whistle.


Grow in Love Year 4 Programme- Called and Chosen, Jesus, The Rosary, Celebrating the Saints. Advent and Christmas OR Grow in Love Year 5 Programme- God, The Bible, Remembering the dead, Jesus, Advent and Christmas.


Communication, information handling, modelling and controlling strands covered through word processing.

PD and MU

The Real Me, Friendships, Dealing with difficult feelings, money matters OR Myself and my attributes, Ups and downs, I have feelings and Valuing self and others. Media Initiative: 'We can stop the bullying' and Tom helps out' messages.


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