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St. Mary's Primary School, Stewartstown, Co Tyrone

Home Learning

Mon 15th March 2021

P5 Home Learning: Monday 15th March - Tuesday 16th March 2021

Hello everyone. You’ll love this week of Home learning … it has only 2 days in it and then you are off school for 3 days for St Patrick’s…… Isn’t that brilliant??? And I think we all deserve this break to have a rest and have some time to do other things that we enjoy as well.

Looking back, it seems a long, long time since we started Home Learning and I know that while there are some parts of it that you like, such as having mum/dad always around to help, not having to wear your school uniform and maybe bedtime and getting up time isn’t quite as early as it does be when we are at school, there are also things that you have really missed such as your friends, PE and maybe even me (a little bit….Lol!!).

Hopefully, as more and more people get vaccinated, it won’t be long now until we are able to come to school and get back to the ways things used to be. If you’re like me, I just can’t wait.

So get these tasks completed as soon a possible for yourselves and send them in as usual and let our lovely long St Patrick’s break begin

                         Enjoy your break, keep safe and God bless, Mrs Hamill, xx


Monday 15th March 2021

Literacy: Sounds workbook – Pg:48 and 49

Numeracy: ‘The Choir’ worksheet: Pg:55.

Religion: The story of St Patrick


Tuesday 16th March 2021

Literacy: IXL- English- 20 mins- Yr 4 (or if you feel ready) Yr5 English- any activity of your choice

Numeracy: IXL – Maths – 2o minsYr4 (or if you feel ready) Yr5 Maths- any activity of your choice

HFW Test: Get Mum/ Dad to check through this list and tick off all those you get right

Art: Make a St Patrick’s Day card.


Imagine if all weeks were as short as this one!!

Sure we’d never get our work done…Lol!! I hope you all really enjoy this long weekend. Although we will have to celebrate St. Patrick’s day differently this year again, I’m sure you and your family will come up with a whole range of ways of doing fun things. I can’t wait to hear what you got up to…

As always lots of love, God bless and Keep safe.

                                      Lots of love, Mrs Hamill     xx