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Home Learning

Mon 8th March 2021

P5 Home Learning: Monday 8th March - Friday 12th March 2021

Hello everyone. Just this full week to go and then we have a lovely short week next week, thanks to St. Patrick. Have you spotted any of those first signs of spring yet??- the days are definitely getting longer, there are baby lambs in the field beside my house and I see buds on the trees where the new leaves are trying their best to push their way through. I love this time of year… don’t you??

As always you are continuing to be absolute superstars at your Home Learning work and week- on –week, just when I think you can’t get any better, you still surprise me and up your game again. Like I have told you before- I never stop being amazed at the quality of work you produce for your age and the dedication and commitment of you and your mums/ dads. There is not a shadow of a doubt that you are ‘The Best Class Ever!!!’

Keep going for me this week again, work through each task to the best of your ability and send it in as usual.

                         Lots and lots of love and God bless, Mrs Hamill, xx


Monday 8th March 2021

Literacy: “My Future” (Ut 2.7) comprehension worksheet- Text- Level section – Q.1-6.

Numeracy:Café’ (Division for 4, 5, 10 tables) worksheet: Pg: 16.

DON’T BE WORRIED ABOUT DIVIDING!! Remember it’s all about using your tables to solve these questions so let’s have a look…

Let’s look at No.1a:

16 scones divided between 4 tables =                         16 ÷4 =       OR           4√    16                             SO…….

Let’s work in reverse. Say to yourself:                 “Four what’s give me 16???” ( 4 x   ?      = 16 )

Yes… that’s right!!                                                     4   x    4  =  16            SO…..

Each person will get :                                                  4 SCONES        ( 16  ÷   4   =   4 )

Now you try the rest yourself and see how you get on….


IXL: Complete approximately 15 mins on IXL Maths: Any activity from Year 4 Division – Any tasks from section J, K or L that you want to work on

Please also complete Monday’s homework tasks, reading and spellings.

8 times tables.


Tuesday 9th March 2021

Literacy: “Homophones” worksheet – Pg: 6 and 7- Check it out, Practice and Challenger Sections


Numeracy: How many tents...’ worksheet (Division by 2, 3, 4, 5, 10) : Pg:49.

Remember: Use the same techniques as yesterday.

Let’s try: No 1a:

How many tents?? 14 cubs with 2 in each tent?? =                14  ÷   2        OR       2   √14                               SO…….    

Again, let’s work in reverse. Say to yourself:       “Two what’s give me 14????” ( 2   x   ?      = 14 )

Yes….that’s right!!!!                                                 2   x     7   =   14      SO……

There will be 7 tents needed                                 7 Tents     (14   ÷    2   =  7 )

Now you try the rest yourself and see how you get on….

IXL: Complete approximately 15 mins on IXL English – Year 4 – Homophones- N11-N13

 Please also complete Tuesday night’s homework tasks, spellings and reading.

Keep working at 8 times tables.


Wednesday 10th March 2021

Literacy: “My Future” (Ut 2.7) comprehension worksheet – Sentence Level: No.1 - 3 and Word- level Section No.1-3.

Numeracy: “The cart carries 7 children…” (Division by 7) worksheet: Pg: 54

Remember: Use the same techniques as yesterday. Good Luck!!

IXL: Complete approximately 15 mins on IXL Year 4 Maths.- ‘Year 4- Division – Any area from Sections J, K or L that you still want to reinforce

Please also complete Wednesday night’s homework tasks, spellings and reading.

Keep going with 8 times tables.


Thursday 11th March 2021

Literacy: Sounds Book- Pg: 46 and 47

Numeracy: “Games Hall”- worksheet- Pg: 17

This work introduces us to dividing with REMAINDERS, which means sometimes the number we are dividing by won’t go in exactly and we have an amount left over (which are called ‘remainders’). Don’t worry!! We are going to practise this now together…

3√ 17  means how many times can 17 be divided by 3 ( so we are using our 3 times tables).

We know 3 x 5  = 1 5                               and                            3   x    6    =   18

18 is too large as we only have 17 so we have to use      3     x     5     =   15   but we have 2 left over.


These 2 are our remainders so we write our answer as    17  ÷  3   =  5R2  

Let’s try another:

2√ 17    means how many times can 17 be divided by 2 (so we will be using our 2 times tables)

We know   2    x 8    =    16                     and                          2     x       9     =     18

Remember we can only go as close to the required number (in this case 17) but we can NEVER go over so 2    x     9     =  18 is no use    so we have to use    2     x      8      =    16 and we will still have Ieft over (Remainder 1- R1)…. So we write our answer as   17    ÷       2       =     8R1   

You have a go now at the others and see how you get on… Hopefully it goes well for you!! And remember : Practice makes perfect!!

IXL: Complete approximately 15 mins on IXL Year 4 English - any activity of your choice.

Learn all spellings.


8 times tables


Friday 12th March 2021

NumeracyNumeracy Booster book- next page

Literacy – Literacy Booster book – next page

Handwriting: Pg 50 and 51

Spelling Test

8 times tables worksheet


That’s this week done now too!!

I hope you enjoy your weekend and we can look forward that we only have 2 days of Home Learning to complete next week. We need a good rest…don’t we!! And it is the perfect opportunity to get outside again and get the exercise and fresh air that we all need. You know what Ryan, the PE coach is like. He won’t be happy, if when we all go back to school that we are stiff and unfit and not able to do his drills and skills. We’d better getting working on that fitness, hadn’t we!!

As always enjoy your weekend, God bless and Keep safe.

                                      Lots of love, Mrs Hamill     xx