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Home Learning

Mon 8th February 2021

P5 Home Learning: Monday 8th February- Friday 12th February 2021

I just can’t believe that this is Week 6 of Home Learning that I am sending to you. Yet again, you have been absolutely amazing in completing all of the different work I have sent for you to do. I honestly just do not have the words to say how proud I am of you all and I hope both you and your parents know that already.

I also really want to encourage you to keep trying to maintain your physical and mental health and well- being during this time, as well as your educational progress. If we don’t keep our bodies in good shape, our brains will struggle to work as well as they can. So at the top of your ‘To Do…’ list every day I want you to make sure to spend some time outside and get fresh air - playing football, skipping or just having a good run about (whatever your favourite things are… but playing X- box/ play-stations / switches does not count so no cheating boys!!!)

As usual I have given you Literacy and Numeracy activities to complete and post each day but we are having a break on Friday and you are going to have Art and Religion for a change if that’s ok. In addition, you are now going to start using IXL at home everyday. The other Mrs Hamill (principal) was very impressed when I told her how well you had been working away on it when we had been in school so I asked her nicely and guess what… she bought licences for everybody in our (and Mr Cullen’s) class. Isn’t that brilliant!! I’ve included a page on how to get started and then you just do exactly the same as we did in class. (Any problems, message me on Dojo and I’ll hopefully get all sorted for you. I hope you enjoy using it.

Keep posting as often as you can and I will get your feedback to you as soon as possible.

Well done yet again and God bless, Mrs Hamill, xx


Monday 8th February 2021

Literacy: “Fuzzbucket” comprehension worksheet (Grey 3): All sections.

Numeracy:How many lines of symmetry does each shape have?’ worksheet- Pg:110.

IXL: Complete approximately 30 mins on IXL divided between Literacy and Numeracy. Choose from any of the areas we have worked on during Home Learning (or any other area you doubt yourself in).

Literacy: Commas, Tenses-present, past and future, adverbs, adjectives, verbs, syllables, contractions etc.

Numeracy: Place value and number sequences, addition, subtraction, symmetry, grid coordinates etc


NO homework tasks or tables this week—yeah!!!.


Tuesday 9th February 2021

Literacy: “Speech Marks” worksheet – Pg 52 and 53: Check it out and Practice sections only.

**Remember: ONLY words which have been spoken go inside the “…..”and you use a comma to separate words spoken from words not spoken. The first word spoken ALWAYS begins with a capital.

Eg: “That is beautiful work,” said Mrs Hamill.

        Ben replied, “Thank-you Mrs Hamill, I really tried my best.”

Numeracy: “Copy and complete to make each pattern symmetrical” Worksheet: Pg: 111. Complete onto the worksheet and do Section 1 only.

** Remember the ‘red’ line is the line of symmetry, so whatever is on one side must be reflected in the exact same place on the other side of that red line.

**Sometimes it is easier to start at the red line and work outwards to the sides.

**The 3rd question is challenging- you have to try and repeat the exact same pattern 3 more times.   

IXL: Complete approximately 20 mins on IXL divided between Literacy and Numeracy.



Wednesday 10th February 2021

Literacy: “Self-assessment 1.2” worksheet – Sections 1, 3, 6, 7 and 8 only.

Numeracy: “At what position is the… ”  (Grid References)   worksheet -  Pg: 112

**Remember: When we are writing grid references, we read HORIZONTALLY (across) FIRST and then VERTICALLY (upwards) SECOND.

Eg: Yellow Circle Grid- reference = 1, 3

        Green rectangle Grid- reference = 5, 1

IXL: Complete approximately 20 mins on IXL divided between Literacy and Numeracy.



Thursday 11th February 2021

Literacy: Sounds Book- Pg: 40 and 41

Numeracy: “The red dot has co-ordinates..…” worksheet Pg: 113.

IXL: Complete approximately 20 mins on IXL divided between Literacy and Numeracy.



Friday 12th February 2021

Art: As we won’t be in school for Valentine’s Day, I’ve sent you a little related art activity that you can do for the occasion and then give to someone you love this Sunday the 14th.

Religion: The story of St. Valentine


All done!!

I hope you all have a really lovely Valentine’s weekend- make sure to tell all those special people in your life the 3 magic words…”I love you !!”

If Lockdown and Coronavirus has taught us anything, it is that time spent with our families and loved ones is so special, time that we might never get again. So use every precious second of it to share and spread your love to others and make memories that you will cherish forever.

Enjoy your lovely, long week off for mid- term next week as well and I’ll catch up with you on the 22nd February.

Lots of love, God bless and Keep safe.

                                                         Mrs Hamill xx