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St. Mary's Primary School, Stewartstown
Trocaire Healthy Breaks each Wed, Thurs, Fri during Lent. 20p each snack. Play your part. 
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2013/2014 School Year

26th Sep 2013
Spinners were the order of the day at After schools art club. The more colourful...
26th Sep 2013
After schools art doubled the size of the class when pupils got to decorate and dress...
19th Sep 2013
P2, 3 and 4 showed their gymnastics skills when they demonstrated for the DE coaches...
19th Sep 2013
A great group of young and older pupils joined in the gardening club yesterday to...
18th Sep 2013
Two pupils who show 'stickability' and that practice makes perfect were awarded with...
17th Sep 2013
The traditional musicians are back in full swing practising their pieces on madolin,...
17th Sep 2013
P7 pupil who wrote an alternative story opener for Charlotte's web was proud as punch...
17th Sep 2013
P5 & 6 heading to the pool this morning for their weekly swimming lesson.
17th Sep 2013
The new school year has brought about a new energy to the eco school committee and...
10th Sep 2013
P1 pupil enjoys blowing bubbles during the brief spells of sunshine.