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St. Mary's Primary School, Stewartstown



Welcome to our class

Welcome to our class where you are sure of a learning environment that is:

  • Safe & Welcoming
  • Child-centred
  • Nurturing
  • Stimulating and above all
  • Happy!

Each and every child is important to us and throughout tyour child's early years at school we will suppport them in laying firm foundations  so that they develop intellectually, personally, physically, socially, emotionally at their own pace.

In our clasroom we promote Active Learning which is skills focused and age appropriate. This practical approach enables each child to achieve their potential by encouraging them to:

  • experiment and create
  • explore and have fun
  • self manage
  • ask questions
  • investigate and 
  • evaluate


Ball skills Oct 18




Outdoor Learning


Reading is fun


Term 1 - Primary 1


Primary one will be introduced to initial sounds through a multi-sensory approach. Sounds will be introduced each week alongside high frequency words. Listen out for those songs. Children will be learning to recognise and write those initial sounds and later in the term begin to hear those sounds being blended together. In primary 1  they will be blending and reading a range of three letter words.
With the children's handwriting we will spend time on developing the correct grip and lots of practice developing those fine motor skills. Children again will experience this development through a multi sensory approach, e.g. large and small movements, sand and tactile work, threading and using small pieces of equipment and lots and lots of following patterns and scribbling. When we come to letter formation we group the letters according to their pattern and correct formation, so for example, c,o,a,d etc are introduced first.  Children will use whiteboards in class along with other kinaesthetic and visual materials to practise letter formation 

Reading will come in different formats. Each week the children will choose their own library book on a Thursday. This will give you the chance to read to them and alongside them talking about the pictures, why they chose the book and parts they liked best. Please read and re-read this library book as many times as you so wish and then return it to school on Monday.

Around the half term mark, reading material that has been discussed and share in class will be issued. These books again will give you an opportunity to enjoy reading together. You can help your child by talking about the pictures in the book, to help find clues about the story and it’s characters and also encourage them to make predictions about what may happen next in the story. This reading will develop and progress in line with your child's ability. 


Numeracy is taught actively through stories, games, number rhymes and songs. The children will focus on numbers 0-10. They will learn to recognise, count and write these numbers.  They will also be developing the ability to sequence numbers to 10, whilst exploring numbers before/after/between. Most importantly they will understand the number and what is stands for. Children will also experience pattern in numeracy, measures, shape and space and stat handling. Again much of this learning is developed during their play, through rhyme and song and through real life opportunities presented in class. 

You can help at home by practising numbers to ten (counting forwards and backwards, missing numbers out when counting and asking your child to tell which number is missing etc…) and reinforcing vocabulary such as, how many, largest, smallest, 

World Around Us
Our themes for this term are: Hey, Hey Look at Me!


 There will be lots of opportunities for active learning through role play, art, writing and stories.


Physical Education 

P.E. this year will be on a Thursday morning. We ask that you send your child to school dressed in their PE clothes, with their uniform on their PE bag. Children will change back into their school uniform after PE. Please allow your child to dress and undress themselves as this supports them when they have to change in class. Make sure and give them plenty of practice with buttoning and unbuttoning their collar.

The children will be working with a qualified coach from 'Healthy Kidz' on a programme which will include running, jumping, throwing and catching. Watch out for website photographs that demonstrates their learning.

Religious Education 

 R.E. follows the 'Grow in Love' programme. This year the children will be learning about themselves, their families, their world and their church and community  


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me

Term 1 in our classroom


Learning in Term 1

Literacy in Term 1

Book handling skills, name front, back, word, picture. Book terms – cover, author, spine, pages, speech bubble. Tell story through pictures, answer questions, re-tell story.  Extend vocabulary using correct names for everything.  Letter formation (c a d o g q i l) writing in air, in sand, on paper. Find rhyming words.  Put story events in correct sequence.  Say a selection of nursery rhymes using actions.  Listen to stories from library books brought home and talk about the pictures.


Numeracy in Term 1

Number counting rhymes.  Counting up to 6, backwards, starting at different point, recognise number symbols. Recognise 1p and 2p coins. Count 1p coins in a purse.  Name four flat shapes – circle, square, triangle, rectangle.  Make a pattern that is repeated.  Order objects – small, medium, large; first, second, third and last.  Use positional language eg. in front of, behind, in between, beside, under, over.  Sort objects into sets according to – colour, size, shape, special features.  Use language of measurement eg. taller, shorter, longer, heavier, lighter, more, less, most, least.


Themes Explored in Term 1


Nursery Rhyme Time (sequencing and changes over time)

Twinkle Twinkle (Day & Night)

Seasonal changes

Healthy Eating



Pedestrian and Road Safety






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