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St. Mary's Primary School, Stewartstown
Trocaire Healthy Breaks each Wed, Thurs, Fri during Lent. 20p each snack. Play your part. 
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Catholic schools - Rooted in Jesus Chirst

1st Feb 2011
Catholic schools - Rooted in Jesus Chirst

The theme for Catholic Schools Week 2011 is: Catholic schools - Rooted in Jesus Christ'. This theme is inspired by the Pastoral Letter of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI tot he Catholics of Ireland. In it, the Pope addresses the children and young people of Ireland, and encourages them to 'Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and his goodness, and shelter the flame of faith in your hearts'. Catholic schools support the work of parents in teaching their children about Jesus' love for them. They are built on the belief that pupils begin to understand the fullest meaning of their lives when they are in touch with Christ. Catholic schools are rooted in the values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.