Access Keys:

St. Mary's Primary School, Stewartstown

Mrs Duffy's class

18th Sep 2018

Learning in Term 1


  • Story with a familiar setting
  • Poem with a familiar setting
  • Instructions
  • Rhyming words and poems
  • Information text
  • Legend/Story from another Culture.
  • Poem by a significant Author.
  • Information Text.
  • Alphabetical order, a/an, labelling, adjectives, Nouns, Collective nouns, proper nouns, Opposites Conjunctions, Compound words,   
  • Writing Genre: Report  
  • Linguistic phonics - Stage 4 (P3) Stage 1 (P2)      
  • Spellings and High Frequency words.   

 Useful websites:


  • Counting properties of numbers and number sequences. 
  • Place value and ordering.
  • Place value and money
  • Understand the vocabulary of comparing and ordering number.
  • Understand the operation of addition and subtraction and the related vocabulary. 
  • Rapid recall of addition and subtraction facts. 
  • Problems involving 'real life' and money. Making decisions.
  • Problems involving measures.
  • Time.
  • Estimating
  • Use mental strategies to solve simple problems set in ‘real life’. 
  • Length
  • Reasoning about Shapes.
  • Shape and space.
  • Organising nd using data.

Useful websites: 

World Around Us

If you go into the woods.

Creative and Expressive/Arts

Use of space, methods/ speed of travel, sequence movements, awareness of movement variation, dance, demonstrating/ performing, co-operation, response to stimuli(music), improvisation, rope jumping/landing/swinging/handling/ hitting/ kicking skills using a variety of equipment. Ourselves self portraits, painting, printing, working with textiles, making 3D structures, using oil pastels, pencils, examining the work of artists, appreciating each other's work. Identifying sounds and describing them.


Belonging, Jesus, Christmas, Mass, Reconciliation, Easter, Creation.


Communication, information handling, modelling and controlling strands covered through word processing,

PD and MU

Getting to know me, Families, Feeling Good/Feeling Sad, Why Should I. 

Media Initative: 'We can stop bullying' and 'Tom helps out' messages.

Learning in Term 3


Reading groups/individual/shared. Discussion. Big Books.  Contents page, author, illustrator, Comprehension activities. Information Book, Extended Story, Drama/Role play. Grammar: Commas, contractions, verbs, plurals.Writing Genre-Explanation. Spellings. linguistic phonics. Word building. CVC Words. Onset and Rime. Initial blends. Medial sounds. Sound books. Writing Genre: Report


Counting, properties of number and number sequences. Counting on and back in 1's, 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's to 20, to 100. Use + , -, = signs confidently. Partition 2 digit numbers into Tens and Ones (T&U). Place Value,  Ordinal numbers, more & less, estimation. Understand add and subtraction and related language. Rapid recall of addition and subtraction facts. Doubles. Mental calculation strategies. Using patterns. Solving problems. Reasoning about number and shape. Money to 20p/£1. Organise and use data. Measures - length, mass and capacity. 2D and 3D shapes.

The World Around Us

Cycle 1: On an Adventure

Cycle 2: Weather Watchers


Perform simple dance steps/movements to music. Develop gymnastic skills using a variety of apparatus (climbing frame, benches, mats etc). Sports Day practice and activities.

Creative and Expressive Arts

Summer. The Beach. Water. Make 2D and 3D related art work. Recognise, explore and play different sounds and instruments.


Cycle 1:Theme 8:The Church, Theme 9:Baptism, Seasonal Theme: Mary, Theme 10: Grow in Love

Cycle 2: Holy Week and Easter; Jesus is still with us; Creation; Inter Religious Education; Grow in Love


Cycle 1: I am. You are. We can. Keeping healthy and safe. Where I live. Accepting compliments. Using appropriate voice/tone.

Cycle 2: Keeping Healthy and Safe, Where I Live


Interactive Design


Listen to P2/3 read 'Jack and the Beanstalk' with our sound effects added. Enjoy!